How does REBLO grow?

Dennis has been working on papaya breeding programs most of his life to see if he could develop us great hybrid varieties to grow on our farms around Tully in Tropical North Queensland. After years of work we are pleased to say Growing Reblo Red Papaya - Seedlingsthat our Reblo Red Flesh Papaya is here and Dennis and many others work with us to make sure that Reblo remains that beautiful, sweet and healthy fruit enjoyed by Australians.

Reblo is grown from special seeds in a nursery till the seedlings are large enough to plant. These seedlings are planted in a tight cluster of 4 and grown to about 1 metre high (about 3 months old). At this time a selection of the ideal Reblo plant is made and the other 3 are cut off at the base and discarded so that the one plant can grow strong. Reblo is a soft-wooded perennial plant that grows with a single stem up to 4 metres high.

Growing Reblo Red Papaya - Ready to HarvestThe fruit grows on small stems close to the trunk of the plant. We refer to all the fruit around the trunk as the ‘column of fruit’.  At the top of the tree with the flowers are the newest, smallest fruit while the most mature, biggest fruit are at the bottom of the column and ready to harvest. 

The Reblo tree has large leaves growing at the top of the stem like a crown, rather like a palm tree. The leaves shade the fruit as it grows to maturity before they die and fall off.

Reblo Red Papaya Fruit - OrchardEach tree can bear fruit for up to 4 – 5 years but as there is only a single trunk the fruit gets higher and harder to pick. Also the older plants are more susceptible to disease so with Reblo we cut them down when they are about 24 months old and replant.

Each tree will start bearing fruit after 8 – 10 months and will produce fruit for about 18 months before we cut it down. To make sure we have Reblo fruit to sell every week of the year we have multiple plantings throughout the year, so we are constantly harvesting sweet Red Flesh Reblo Papaya.

 Reblo Red Papaya Fruit