Reblo is not a GMO

Is Reblo™ papaya genetically modified?

No, Reblo™ is not genetically modified in any way, it is not a GMO.

Reblo™ is a specific variety breed through traditional methods. Different Papaya strains were cross breed attempting to discover a variant with some beneficial characteristics from both parents. Many attributed were observed and measured including taste, disease resistance and fruit yield over a group of years to see that the fruit stayed true to type and continued to produce good tasting papaya. Following the production of the cross bred Reblo™ trees we increased plantings and introduced the fruit to the Australian consumer market.

Cross breeding also occurs naturally in the wild with pollen passing from one variety to another, many of these crosses produce a fruit with inferior attributes but on occasion an improved variety for taste or quality will naturally occur.

Genetic modification has taken place with some Papaya in Hawaii where a program was initiated to breed a variety that was resistant to a fruit disease that some growers felt was likely to devastate the Hawaiian industry. Australia does not allow the sale of any GMO horticultural products meaning that there is no GMO Papaya sold in Australia.