Is REBLO pawpaw?

No Reblo is not Papaw (or Pawpaw as some people refer to it).

Reblo is Red Fleshed Papaya that has been bred in Australia and is particularly suited to the climate and region where our farms are situated. It is has a sweet, creamy flesh and is packed full of nutrients making for a delicious and health snack or addition to many meals.

Red Flesh Papaya is often referred to as a resort fruit as around the world it has for years been served to visiting Australians with breakfast in tropical resorts. The taste is very different to yellow flesh papaw and most Australians are pleasantly amazed that Reblo is so beautiful, sweet and refreshing.

In Australia Papaw refers to the yellow fleshed varieties that are quite different in their flavour, they are often referred to the old fashion varieties that years ago (and in some areas currently) grew wild through tropical and subtropical Queensland. Many Queenslanders, particularly, still have strong memories and associations with Yellow Flesh Papaw and have acquired the taste for it. Papaw also has a strong smell that some dislike.