Supplying REBLO fresh to you

As you can see our farms are in Tully North Queensland in the ideal tropical climate for Reblo to grow its best and sweetest.

Reblo Red Papaya Store DisplayWe harvest each Reblo plant twice a week, ensuring every fruit is mature and guaranteed to sweeten as it ripens and turns yellow. So every day we harvest and pack fruit, it is cooled down and loaded onto trucks to go to markets around Australia.

In each capital city we supply, we have a partner business that receives the Reblo boxes, checking that the fruit is still in great condition and caring for it in large cool rooms for about 2 days. They sell our Reblo to good fruit shops, retailers and the foodservice industry for restaurants in each state.

Look for our Reblo Red Flesh Papaya next time you are in a fruit store – we are sure you will find it sweet and refreshing and it’s good to know it is really good for your health as well.

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