Who are the growers?

Barrie mackayHi, I’m Barrie MacKay and I live and farm with my family in North Queensland. We’re a 3rd generation farming family and are proud to say that we have developed a farming business that we can all work in. Dad (John) and Uncle Robert took over the business that Granddad Stanley started in 1945, and now we also have my brother Gavin and 3 cousins working with us, Stephen, Cameron and Daniel, as well as my cousin’s husband Mark. The next generation of nephews are starting to work with us as well.

Reblo Red Flesh Papaya is an exciting crop for us and newer than some of the others we grow. A few years ago, working with the family, I sought out another crop that we could grow on our 5 farms around Tully in North Queensland. We have always had a tropical garden with a large variety of fruits growing not far from one of the packing sheds. Our workers have enjoyed them throughout the years, and our papaya because of its great taste due to our ideal climate and Mackay Family on the Farmrainfall, has always been a favourite. With Red Flesh Papaya also being an incredibly healthy fruit (my wife Nadia liked that point) we employed a papaya expert, Dennis, who has been working on papaya breeding programs most of his life to see if he could develop us a great hybrid variety to grow on our farms.  After years of work we are pleased to say that our Reblo Red Flesh Papaya is here, and Dennis and many others work with us to make sure that Reblo remains that beautiful, sweet and healthy fruit enjoyed by Australians.

As more people are discovering the taste of Reblo we have started working with some other growers to see if they can also produce Reblo correctly which would allow us to supply more to market. You may be wondering what else we grow.  Well, Granddad started growing bananas in Tully and we are still Australia’s largest banana grower, as well as growing heaps of sugarcane and beef cattle.

Please look around the website and learn more, but most importantly send us feedback and questions to help us improve our growing.